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Coaching Services and Programmes

Individual and Group confidence and resilience coaching that really works

If  you've been off work for a long time or currently in a role but struggling, our proven coaching approach and programmes can help you get back on your feet!

Our coaching is action-based, totally tailored around your preferences and the goals you'd like to achieve. 

Together, we'll:

  • Rediscover who you are after this challenge or setback

  • Define what you or your team are looking to achieve

  • Develop your confidence, mindset, strengths and resilience

  • Design your individual or team 'Bouncing Back Roadmap'

  • ​Break your journey down into bite-sized, manageable chunks​

  • Take action and start navigating​ 

  • Support your progress

   ... and have fun learning along the way

You'll be ready to start Bouncing Back!

(Please note this is just one example of our coaching programmes).


Our team and group coaching can help if your team is struggling with low resilience to stress (more details to come - watch this space!).

Programmes tailored for you

You may be starting at the beginning or already be further down the line. No worries! Wherever you are in your journey, we'll start on your starting blocks.

We'll define the realistic goals you'd like to achieve.  Moving at a pace that's right for you, we'll then take a look at what you're great at and and identify areas you'd looking to develop or rebuild. For example, this could be energy, confidence, resilience and communications skills. Plus anything else you'd like to work on.

  • If you're looking to return to work, this may include identifying the ideal role, working environment and culture that’s right and healthy for you

  • If you're currently in work but struggling then we'll work together through your key improvement areas.

Through a tailor-made mix of coaching and practices (using licensed coaching tools and proven processes), we'll produce your Bouncing Back Roadmap.​ 


This Roadmap will provide you with the confidence and clarity to launch you into successful action and have fun doing it!

"I went through a life-changing experience which really unsettled me. As a result I lost my confidence. After years in a successful career where I was known for making decisions, I felt I'd lost my identity. I was unsure and embarrassed about where to start. Helen was kind, supportive and challenging where I needed it.  I felt she really "got it" and me. She guided me to rediscover my strengths and identify the areas that were blocking me. Helen was excellent at asking questions to help me work out how to move forward. She also enabled me to question and re-frame my self-beliefs that were holding me back. And we were able to test out new approaches. For the first time in ages I felt genuinely listened to and could be myself! She's so positive and encouraging which made a big difference. We also laughed a lot along the way (which helped!)."

Laura - ex-professional on extended maternity leave