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Go beyond your horizons to find yourself again  

I get it!
I've been in your shoes

totally understand what it's like to have to bounce back! I had to do it after a series of life-changing events 

I spent over 15 years in the Corporate world, working in senior Marketing and People Development positions across Global Blue Chip, SME and charitable organisations.  I had a full and active life, loving sport, travelling and music in my spare time.

My story

Aged 32 I had a mini-stroke (TIA). Although completely out of the blue (and rare for that age), I recovered. After 3 months I was back to work without any recurring symptoms.

However, just 12 months later whilst living in New Zealand, I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Totally unrelated to my TIA, this injury turned my world completely upside down. It shook who I was, and how I did things to the core. Having been a super active, sporty, bright professional who had worked in senior roles, travelled widely and lived life to the full, everything changed dramatically. Unable to form a sentence in my head and work out how to get out of bed in the morning, I was trapped in a brain and body I didn't recognise.

Recovery was a long, tough process.  And my confidence disappeared. This I discovered, was the toughest thing to crack. Setbacks naturally eroded my confidence and shrank my comfort zone. Roles and tasks I did, environments I was in and communicating with my peers became very challenging.

Aided by my supportive partner of that time, health professionals, coaches and the strengths that had stayed with me - my positive attitude, determination and resilience - I worked super hard over the next few years to full recovery.

Bouncing Back became my 'new normal' ... it can be yours too.

In every journey of change there are successes AND  setbacks. 


With patience, determination and support, you can learn how to ride the waves well and resiliently bounce back.


"Unlocking your potential so you

can maximise your own performance"

John Whitmore

Helping you develop, step-by-step

I'm passionate about helping others through life-changing experiences.


I retrained as an Executive and Personal Coach 10 years ago and I'm a full member of The Association for Coaching. 


I work with clients from all backgrounds and career seniority.


Using a collaborative step-by-step process, my coaching programmes gently expand your comfort zone. It's a powerful way to produce the sustainable change you're looking to achieve in your life.

Alongside my coaching skills and professional business skills,  I also incorporate therapeutic disciplines, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) if required.

It's so fantastic seeing my clients transform way beyond their own expectations. By rediscovering their identities, they are starting to live their ideal lives.

You may question if you're ever capable of getting your life back on track. Trust me - you are!